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We will create a well designed theme for your eLearning platform that will depict your brand, bring engagement and an exciting experience for your users.
Theme Customization
Theme from Scratch
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Theme Design Services

We will redesign your existing theme or create a design from scratch to meet your business goals and the specifics of your target audience.

Design & Theme development

Customization of an existing theme

Our designers will analyze your current platform, do competitor and target audience research, and incorporate the best solutions into new design. We will make sure that the usability, accessibility, and navigation of the site are robust to provide a high level of functionality and information for all students.

Creating a theme from scratch

We build the design theme based on the client's goals, industry standards, and user needs. All the elements of the theme reflect the client's style and brand. A comprehensive market study, in-depth business analysis, and research of the target user help to create the right theme that will increase user engagement.

Deliver solutions that improve learning outcomes and excite users

User-friendly interfaces

Our UX designers build stunning eLearning platform themes that are tailored to your company’s needs and answer the requirements of all the trends in contemporary online education.

Fully responsive layouts across devices

We develop responsive designs that guarantee an excellent user experience across all devices. Your students will have no trouble accessing course content and continuing learning on any device.

Engaging and intuitive learner journeys

Our team designs every layout thinking about the target user. We ensure that learners interact with navigation that is user-friendly, clear, and simple.

Easy-to-use design system

We build a ready-to-use design system that saves time and creates a consistent experience across platforms. You will get a set of reusable components and styles that can be easily tranferred to your future products.


We develop interactive movies, mini-games, badges, awards, and leader boards. Gamification tools encourage learners of all ages to compete against others and themselves, achieving higher scores while acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Progress Tracking

We create custom-tailored assessment scales and performance trackers that can be easily exported to various formats. A learner can filter the performance report by specific criteria.

Other eLearning Software Features

We implement a wide range of features that make eLearning engaging and enjoyable. They all help to solve the problems in eLearning and meet the needs of your users.

Course builder
Course builder
Setting course access levels, scheduling course content releases, arranging courses in a convenient way, managing various course settings - these are some of the features we implement.
Content management
Content management

We build all of the necessary content management processes to allow teachers to work with their information, including adding, editing classifying and filtering.

Design for multiple roles
Design for multiple roles

We design for multiple roles: student, teacher, administrator, global administrator. Our team builds customizable user profiles, registration flow and more.


We can assist you in creating a smart calendar that shows students' tasks and the dates for their completion.

Social learning
Social learning

We can set up a forum on your eLearning platform so that your users can express their ideas, interact with the teacher and share their opinions.

Video conferencing
Video conferencing

We can create live video streaming solutions for your users so they can conduct webinars and live learning sessions.

How we deliver UX and UI services

Our design team constantly monitors the latest studies on human behavior and psychology and uses the best-proven UX/UI practices for your web applications.
Research & Discovery

Research & Discovery

We start the design process with understanding your business goals, end user needs and behaviors.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Designers align findings with proven design strategies, create layouts streamlined for conversion.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

Then we choose the right elements tailored to the needs of the client and their target user. 

Preparing for Development

Preparing for Development

Before development stage, we thoroughly check all the layouts according to the internal rules.

Case Studies

Our completed projects in custom LMS developmnet speak louder than words. Discover how innovative and modern custom eLearning solutions helped to make a difference in our clients' businesses.

Quick Start

Personalized strategy for a tailored solution

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Contact us

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After discussing your project in detail, we will carry out in-depth research on your competitors and give the best recommendations.

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