DesignRush uncovers the most effective budget management strategies for software development 

Top Custom Software companies 2022 by DesignRush

We are happy to report that our company continues to be used as an example for others and mentioned in press releases.

DesignRush recently conducted an investigation to uncover the most effective budget management strategies for software development, which can cost businesses up to one million dollars.


This time, our company was mentioned as part of Top Custom Software Development Companies in the article Controlling Software Development Project Costs: Experts Share Their Top Budget-Management Tips. The article was posted by DesignRush, a B2B web platform that seeks to assist clients in locating the appropriate IT company.


DesignRush conducts an analysis of over 10,000 agencies globally, taking into account customer reviews in order to categorize and rank them according to the quality of services they provide.


As we initiate projects from the ground up, we create a tailored solution that is applicable to a given business concept and assists in augmenting its potential. A bespoke methodology assists in examining the market, collecting data, constructing the workflow that is suitable for a particular firm, automating processes, providing support, and sustaining the product.

Cliens say we deliver on Cluch

We feel proud to be recognized by independent platforms as a reliable company. It motivates us to get better and better at what we do.

We are very pleased with the quality of work, as well as the responsiveness and skills of the team.

International VP, World Book, Inc

Cliens say we deliver on Cluch

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