Quiet revolution is taking place in the confusing world of software development. Looking behind the digital curtain reveals invisible forces changing the project landscape. This is not an invitation, but rather the revelation of a compelling story where innovation meets gritty determination. Explore their role in changing project dynamics and achieving results. No frills, just the facts about software development efficiency.

What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team is a group of specialized professionals assigned exclusively to work on a particular project or tasks for an extended period, providing focused expertise and continuous support. This means that a dedicated development team is not shared with other clients and stays focused to deliver quality results within the agreed timeline.

Dedicated team may include the following roles:

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Advantages of a dedicated team

Exclusive Focus:

One significant benefit of a dedicated team is their exclusive focus on your project. Unlike scenarios where developers juggle multiple tasks, these professionals concentrate solely on your goals and requirements. This focused attention ensures that your project receives the time and dedication it deserves. This dedicated approach enhances overall project efficiency and contributes to the successful achievement of your objectives.

Continuous Availability:

Team members are always accessible, ensuring quick and efficient communication. This immediate responsiveness allows for seamless collaboration, enabling timely decision-making and progress tracking. The constant availability of the team contributes to a streamlined workflow, providing the support you need at every step of your project.

Deep Project Understanding:

With continuous involvement, the dedicated development team gains a full understanding of your project’s goals, challenges, and details. Their continuous involvement lets them navigate complexities with precision, ensuring tailored solutions. 

Customized Skill Set:

A dedicated development team allows you to build a crew with skills that match your project’s needs. Each team member brings expertise aligned with your unique requirements, ensuring a tailored approach to tackle challenges.

Flexible Team Scaling:

A dedicated team offers seamless adaptation to project demands. If your project workload increases or you need more efficiency, the dedicated team can quickly adjust its size to fit your needs. This makes it easy to manage changes effectively. This flexibility ensures optimal resource allocation. 

Predictable Budgeting:

With fixed monthly or retainer fees, budgeting becomes a breeze. You know exactly what to expect, allowing for clear financial planning. This predictability ensures you can allocate resources efficiently, avoiding unexpected costs and enabling a smoother financial journey throughout the course of your project. By contacting us you can find out how much a project with your specific requirements will cost.

Shorter Time-to-Market:

By concentrating efforts and maintaining ongoing collaboration, a dedicated development team accelerates project timelines, resulting in a shorter time-to-market. This focused approach ensures efficient progress, timely delivery, and a competitive edge in launching your product or service to the market swiftly and successfully.

These benefits collectively make a dedicated team a valuable asset for organizations aiming to streamline their projects, enhance efficiency, and achieve successful outcomes.

The Dedicated Team Model works best for:
1) Large-scope projects
2) No clear vision of deliverables
3) Many requirements
4) Much chance of changes
The Dedicated Team model works best for

Fixed Price vs Time Material vs Dedicated Team

Depending on your project’s unique features and the level of control you desire, you can choose from three outsourcing models: fixed price, dedicated team, and time and materials.

The fixed price model involves paying a predetermined cost based on the estimated time and effort required. It’s suitable for projects with a clear vision unlikely to change.

With a dedicated team, you hire IT specialists from a third-party to handle specialized tasks, assembling a team of experts without hiring new employees.

Time & Materials is suitable for flexible projects and bills for actual time worked. This model is suitable when the requirements for the project have not yet been finalized and changes are expected.

Contact us and we will help you determine which type of cooperation will best suit your individual case.

Let’s compare these models based on specific criteria

Fixed Price, Time & Material and Dedicated Team Model are compared by Predictable budget, Quick start, Level of control, Flexibility, Set timelines
Comparison of fix price, time & material and dedicated team model

In the Dedicated Team model, each team member has a fixed monthly payment. For the Time & Materials model, you pay based on agreed-upon work increments at hourly, daily, or weekly rates. The Fixed Price model involves a set project cost, and payment is made after the final product is delivered.

In the Fix Price model you participate in initial meetings when you clearly define the scope of a project and the needed features. Then, the team mostly won’t need your involvement – you’ll see a product when it’s finished. 

In the Time & Material model, you start faster, but then you are often involved in the whole process by participating in meetings and giving feedback on finished features. 

In the Dedicated Team model, you can control the entire application development process from beginning to end and be fully involved.

Change requests are inevitable during project implementation if you choose the Dedicated Team model. With the T&M model, changes are allowed, but last-minute ones may impact the completion date. In the Fixed Price model, changes can only be made after the project is completed.

The process of working with dedicated team


Discovery and analysis


Team selection





Product Management

Dedicated team

Daily status and feedback


Discovery and analysis

This stage sets the foundation for the entire project. We gather information, analyze the data and determine the project goals and objectives. It is also the stage where you will determine the requirements for hiring the team members

Key Deliverables:

  • Stakeholder Interviews and Surveys Defining the project scope, budget, and timeline.
  • Determining the required skill set and experience of the team members.


Team selection

In this stage, the focus is on finding the right candidates who meet the project requirements.

Key Deliverables:

  • Signing the contract Shortlisting the candidates Interviews
  • Compiling the final list of team members



In this step the dedicated development team relates to the client for further collaboration.

Key Deliverables:

  • Introducing the team members to the project stakeholders.
  • Providing access to all project-related documentation.
  • Assigning tasks and projects to team members.



This is the stage when the actual work on the project starts. Either the client-side project manager or the dedicated project manager assigns the task to the developers.

Key Deliverables:

  • Demo
  • Completed and fully functional product
  • Deployment


In conclusion, hiring a dedicated development team is a strategic move that can significantly elevate the success of your software projects. The expertise, flexibility, cost efficiency, and access to the latest technologies offered by dedicated teams make them a valuable partner in achieving your business objectives. As the software development landscape continues to evolve, choosing the right development model becomes increasingly crucial, and a dedicated development team proves to be a reliable and forward-thinking choice for companies aiming to thrive in the digital age.