E-learning platform to upskill staff

How we developed an online learning platform for leaders who cultivate digital depth, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and social impact


Ubiquitous Preferred Services is a company that provides coaching, and consulting services to help leaders meet their strategic objectives. Their core development areas of focus are digital depth, business acumen, interpersonal skills, and social impact.
They work closely with clients to ensure that their training solutions are tailored to the specific needs and enable them to achieve desired outcomes. Its mission is to help leaders and employees achieve success in their professional and personal lives.


The main challenge was to create a platform and landing page from scratch with few initial requirements.
At the final stage of the project, we were required to implement authorization into the platform through social networks. After doing some research, we found out that we are the first team that is going to integrate Apple Sign In and the Moodle platform. We succeeded in the challenge.


Our team developed a Learning Management System and Landing Page for the client. We designed the structure from scratch, based on the competitor’s research and surveys of the target audience.
The platform includes 5 courses, between which we have implemented smooth autoplay. New courses from the platform are automatically displayed on the landing page.
It is possible to log in to the platform with social networks.

Structure from scratch

The client had no specific requirements for the future page structure. So we did some competitor research and suggested our vision. The learning architecture of the platform has 5 main courses, which consist of separate modules. The main project feature is the possibility for users to take the modules independently without spending a lot of time on the process. In the page prototype, we illustrated the courses and modules separately.

Dark theme and mood board

The client had a clear idea of the style of the future design. He also had a style guide that his company used for print products and presentations. The client shared with us the references he liked. Most examples were specifically in a dark theme. The client’s competitors had light website themes, so a landing page dark design will help to distinguish the client from his competitors.

Landing Page

After approving the prototype, we moved on to the landing page design, as this is the best way to set the style of the project and catch the whole image. At this stage, we abandoned some of the blocks and postponed them for the future, when the business gathers steam.

Key Development Features

We made the functionality intuitive and convenient for our target audience. These are leaders, managers, and executives who have a small amount of time and always have a rational approach to its planning. To save their time, we approached the development rationally.

Authorization via social networks

We have implemented authorization through Windows, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The user will be able to log in to the Moodle platform with the pop-up on the landing page and start learning.

Custom plugin for Apple ID and Moodle integration

In the final project phase, the client asked us to add Apple Sign In. We were looking for ready-made solutions, but it turned out that we were the first ones who were going to integrate Apple Sign In into the Moodle platform. We accomplished the task according to Apple’s guides.

Creating a course template

We created the course template to be easily reused by creating new ones. In this way, the platform is easily scalable. The client doesn’t have to contact us every time to add new content, they can easily do it on their own without any problems.

Auto-play video and navigate to the next module

One module consists of different types of content: videos, quizzes, and extras. We’ve developed it this way so that the user progresses from point to point without pressing the “play” button. The video plays automatically.

Also, after passing the last activity within one module, the platform itself carries out the transition to the next module within the same course.

Transfer a list of courses for the display on the landing page

We have placed a block with the client’s top 5 courses on the landing page. The client is working on creating new courses. That’s why we’ve made it possible to synchronize the courses with their display on the landing page. The client can select the new courses they need to display on the landing page.

Moodle platform UI Kit

Since the standard Moodle platform box covered all the client needed functionality, we decided not to create a custom design. It was more rational to make the platform in the landing page style. At the developer’s request, we designed only separate parts of the UI (course cards, and a quiz results page).

Additional visuals

In addition to the website and platform, we made several additional infographics for the client: a certificate for completing the course; infographics ‘Microservices Architecture at Skill Increase’, which the client presented to his investors.

Our fabulous collaboration

We communicated with the client in Trello and kept in constant communication through video calls. It’s a great way to share emotions and consider the true person’s reaction.

Trello & Zoom

We received great feedback on the landing page, which was a great start to our work together.

The client had so many different ideas during this project. We processed them and tried to keep them focused so that we didn’t get overwhelmed and completed the current project just in time.

Сlient feedback

They look out for the platform's best interest and bring ideas to the table that we may not be thinking about.

Ibrahim Jackson

Founder & CEO


Our team developed a Learning Management System and Landing Page from scratch, based on competitor research and target audience surveys. The platform includes 5 courses and more than 64 modules, which are displayed on the landing page. We implemented the ability to log in to the platform using social networks.
  • An online learning platform & landing page developed from scratch in Moodle for upskilling staff and team members
  • Moodle theme Customization
  • Authorization through social networks
  • Creating courses by template
  • Autoplay the video and go to the next lesson
  • Transmit selected courses to display on the Landing page
Project in figures (including development)
1200 +
6 +
Design layouts
Tools Used
Figma, AWS, PayPal, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Moodle, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Scss, Mustache, Grunt

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