Clever + Moodle
Integration for Reedy Pro

How we made Clever's integration with Moodle platform which helps to improve children's reading fluency and vocabulary.


Reedy Pro is a training program where students enhance their reading fluency and vocabulary by reading curated passages. It helps teachers review audio recordings of their students’ reading, provide feedback to support reading progress, assess reading fluency and ensure guided instruction when one-on-one reading activities aren’t possible.


The main challenge of integrating with Clever was connection SSO and Secure Sync Rostering, Clever Library, +Single Sign-On unifies logins, Secure Sync Rostering ensures accurate data, and Clever Library simplifies resource access, enhancing overall educational efficiency.


We connected Single Sign-On functionality to the Moodle platform for students and teachers through the Clever platform, as well as the secure transfer of personal data of Clever platform users (Secure Sync Rostering), who wanted to use the client’s Moodle platform.

Key Clever Integration Features

Clever Library

Clever Library is a centralized hub for discovering, evaluating, and adopting educational applications within the Clever ecosystem. It supports the seamless integration of chosen applications into the Clever ecosystem. Once an application is selected, Clever facilitates the connection and ensures that it works seamlessly with the school’s existing infrastructure.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO streamlines the login process for educational applications, providing a seamless user experience. Users log in to the Clever portal using their credentials, and Clever generates a secure Single Sign-On token upon authentication. This token allows users to access integrated applications without repeated logins. When users log out of Clever, the Single Sign-On token is invalidated, terminating application access.

Secure Sync Rostering

Secure Sync Rostering is a feature designed to streamline the process of synchronizing student and teacher data between a school’s Student Information System (SIS) and the various educational applications integrated through the Clever platform. The goal is to ensure accurate and up-to-date information across all connected systems while maintaining a high level of security and compliance with privacy regulations.

Clever Library

  1. Adding a free trial subscription (30 days) for Clever users, as this was the main criterion for the platform to be included in the Clever library and for the client platform to be displayed in this library.
  2. Submitting an application to add a client platform to the Clever library.
  3. The appearance of the client platform in the Clever library.

Our Clever Integration Process

Our Clever integration involves implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) for unified logins, ensuring accurate data synchronization through Secure Sync Rostering, and facilitating resource access via Clever Library.

Feedback and Communication​

We have built close and transparent communication with our clients in order to better understand
the details of the project and speed up the whole process.

Status, regular calls, and correspondence

Our collaboration with the client began with setting the timeline and time estimate. In the process of work, we always discussed updates, as well as approved all stages of work with the client through calls to Zoom and correspondence by email.


Thanks to the integration, the client received new users and increased his status/authority with the presence of this integration.
  • The possibility of single sign-on through the Clever platform to the client’s educational platform
  • Secure data transfer from the Clever platform to the client’s Moodle platform
  • Display of the client’s platform in the Clever platform library (applications are visible not only to District Admins, but also to teachers of these districts).
Results in figures
Installs per
1.4 K
Logins per
30 %
Visit to instal
Technologies and tools
Moodle, Stripe, SSO, Secure Sync Restoring, Clever Library

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