Build and Empower your Moodle LMS for Compliance Trainings

Oct 02, 2022

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We have already written about why it is currently relevant to invest efforts in creating distance platforms for ubiquitous learning.

Those who still have doubts can read article “How to create a Moodle LMS from Scratch?

Let us remind you of the main advantages of developing on the Moodle platform

  • Moodle is truly open source.
  • Cost effectiveness is proven by years of SmartApp team’s experience and K Hours of live projects.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with the ability to add styles at minimal efforts.
  • Easy customization with the broadest possibilities for the most diverse functionality.
  • Diverse opportunities for integration and development.

Now we will talk about compliance and share our case study on developing courses with strict requirements for such training.

What is compliance and why is it important?

“Conducting oneself in accordance with applicable law” is one of the official definitions of compliance. 

However, in today’s world, there is more to the definition of compliance than following the law and order. For many businesses, it is important to ensure that employees also comply with the rules and values of the organization.

For this reason, we often see a growing demand for a course development solution with the requirement to validate a particular user journey in order to successfully complete a compliance course.

Essential Aspects of Compliance: Visual representation highlighting key elements and factors related to compliance
Essential Aspects of Compliance

Here is a sequence of steps that leads to build a secure compliance training

  1. Gather and validate business requirements.
  2. Develop a template for creating a course for the platform administrator. The correct tree of logic is embedded into the template for creating a course and filling it with content.
  3. It is important to ensure high-quality assimilation of content and confirmation of knowledge.
  4. Set up functionality for automated course assignments. We remember that compliance trainings are mandatory, so manual enrollment in this case is likely to be inappropriate.
  5. Create a custom welcome email that lists simple steps for the learner to complete the course successfully and earn a certificate.
Customer Welcome Email Example: Screenshot showcasing a sample customer welcome email template
Customer Welcome Email Example

  1. We write a script that prohibits fast forwarding so the learner should show enough respect for the video content.
  2. We create an opportunity to place a quiz at the end of each training module.
  3. Access to the quiz is opened only after the learner has watched all the video lessons.
  4. We create special conditions for passing the quiz. We set the grade to pass, which can actually be equal to the maximum grade. We set the allowed number of attempts. We decide whether to show hints and correct answers.
  5. Especially for compliance courses, we add an “All or Nothing” category of questions to the quiz. In such questions, the learner must answer completely correctly from the allowed number of attempts for the quiz to be considered passed.
  6. We set a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate – the completion of the course, which in turn is tied to the passage of all quizzes with obtaining the established grade.
  7. Recurring certifications should be also considered as the certificates sometimes have an expiry date, so the learners (employees) may need to be recertified periodically.
  8. Custom reports generator. Keeping track of employees taking compliance courses is vital to an organization to ensure that legal obligations are met. We can develop a strong report builder to aggregate reports with custom fields, sorting and filtering possibilities, so that the manager can quickly assess progress.
  9. The next step could be connecting Credly – end-to-end solution for creating, issuing and managing digital credentials. Thousands of organizations use Credly to recognize achievement.

Wrap Up

Top management, of course, understands the necessity and timeliness of compliance training for all employees of the company. At the same time, employees are not always ready to demonstrate such an attitude and, most likely, will postpone training due to routine tasks that they consider to be more priority.

Make compliance training in your organization obligatory, but at the same time user-friendly and flexible. Let this not be perceived as a challenge, but more as an investment in self-development in a pleasant, easy form.

Contact Moodle development experts to build an efficient compliance training for you in a time and budget saving manner.

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